Monday, 12 January 2009

Tell me why.........

I don't like Mondays. Especially drizzly ones! I spent time and effort straightening my hair this morning only to walk the kids to school in the drizzle and return to having a frizzy mop! Back to the normal routine today, dragged everyone out of bed early and off to the station. Got loads of errands to run today which should keep me busy and occupied enough to stop me closing my eyes and nodding off. Sometimes I'm like an old lady, I can fall asleep anywhere anytime. Not sure if it's a talent or an afliction!

I have actually managed a completely Primark free outfit today for once.

Shirt - Tesco
Scarf (as belt) - M&S (gifted)
Skirt - Sisley (ebay)
Tights - Woolworths (RIP)
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins (ebay)

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