Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Intrinsic Link between the Inside and Outside

I've not been blogging much recently and it mainly boils down to the fact I'm having something of an identity crisis which has nothing to do with fashion at all, but to do with me and where I fit in. It's made me see that I dress to suit my mood and personality but also the position I see myself in in society. At the moment I just dont know where I do fit in and it has made it basically impossible for me to be creative with my outfits at all. Even putting on a simple t-shirt and jeans fills me with doubt over whether it is a good colour or shape on me. Everything feels up in the air and I don't have the confidence to post pictures of outfits that I just don't feel right in and at the moment that's pretty much every outfit I wear.

I'd never really realised just how linked the two were. Usually I'm of the 'fake it til you feel it' camp but I don't even know where I want to be so can't fake being there already to give me the confidence to dress myself appropriately.

Is it just me who literally wears my emotions?