Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Kids are on half term holidays so no pics this week. Just been wearing jeans, t-shirts and various coloured crocs. Makes playing with the three of them so much easier. Back to more interesting stuff once they have gone back to school/preschool and I spend less time being bundled!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Been Busy

No photos for the past couple of days because life has got in the way. Was in London all day yesterday and stupidly wore heels so my feet are killing me! Chilled out casual stuff for today.

Top (£4)- Primark
Jeans (£20)- Next
Shoes (£12)- Buffalo London

Monday, 19 May 2008

Feeling a bit Funky

It's not that warm here today so thought I'd better get the tights out rather than sporting the attractive blue from the cold look! This whole outfit feels a bit little-girly and I am loving the dress even if it is a nightmare for billowing in the wind. Definitely wearing shorts under this one! Loving the purple to spice up a black and white outfit. I never realised quite how many of my clothes come from was such a happy day when they opened in my local town!!

Top (£2), Dress(£5), Belt(£2) & Tights (£1)- Primark
Shoes (£15)- New Look

Friday, 16 May 2008

Heading Out

Actually going out with a girlfriend tonight so put my glad rags on and thought I would share. Tried someting new with my hair and make up too.

Top (£8) - Primark
Jeans (£8) - Primark
Shoes (£13) - Priceless


Today's look is inspired by Boutique Girl who looked so fab yesterday. I think it has a cowgirl feel to it.

Shirt (£1) - Zara (ebay)
Belt (£5) - TU @ Sainsbury's
Jeans (£20) - Next
Boots (£1) - Attitude (ebay)

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Belt up

Well, I should have known the good weather wouldn't last. Back to rain again today. This jacket has a tie at the front but thought I'd try it with a wide belt instead. Pretty pleased with the result.

Jacket (£10) - Primark
Belt (£2) - Primark
Vest (£2) - Primark
Jeans (£20) - Next
Shoes (£5) - Priceless

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Park Wear

Well I started today wearing something completely different but we are heading off to the park for the afternoon as it is lovely out today so thought practical would win.

Top (£4)- Primark
Shorts (£8) - Tesco
Shoes - New Look (ancient!)

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

One of the 80%

Well I had a revelation yesterday. Having spent years complaining about my lack of boobs it appears I was one of the 80% of women wearing completely the wrong size. So after taking lots of advice I headed out to M&S to see what would fit me better. Here is the result:

Before I was wearing a 32B after I am in a 30DD! They are such a better shape and so much more comfortable. So girls - go and get properly fitted! And if you can't get somewhere here are some top tips:-

1. measure under your bust this is your band size - you don't need to add anything.

2. measure around the fullest part, the difference between this and your band size is your cup size.

3. try on loads of different styles and sizes to find something which fits properly.

4. you should only be able to get 1 or 2 fingers under the band. It will feel tight if you have been wearing a larger band size - this is fine the band is where the support comes from.

Red Shorts - M&S
Shirt - New Look
Shoes - Priceless Shoes

Monday, 12 May 2008


Well, anyone in the UK will have been unable to miss the exciting return of Gladiators to our screenslast night. Following the gladiator theme I have my finky gladiator sandals on with a simple crops and vest. The crops came with an animal print belt which adds a bit of interest.

Looking very pasty white which I don't really mind but thought I would try out some self tan products over the next few weeks. Will update on any successes/failures.

Top - New Look
Belt & Crops - Primark
Sandals - Priceless Shoes

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Maxi Dress

Got a bit of a seventies feel going in on with this outfit. Loving this dress - no chance of knicker flashing and still keeping me cool. I'm not normally one for halternecks because I can't wear a bra with them (and I need as much padding as possible in that department!) but it is so cool and comfortable not having all the scaffolding that I'm being won over.

Dress - Primark
Shoes - Bertie

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Hot Hot Hot!

Well it is boiling hot here today, OK by most people's standards it's just a bit warm but I'm not great with hot weather. Have just been out shopping and bought a BBQ and a tent so we're sorted for Summer now. No doubt it will now rain every day until October!

Top - Zara (ebay)
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Priceless Shoes

Friday, 9 May 2008

Where's the Sun?

Well just as I get a lovely parcel from ebay the sun decides to go and hide! Ah well, I don't care I'll wear it anyway. I would argue that sun dress was a bit of a stretch in the description but it makes a fab top over my skinnies. The look on Alan's face was priceless when he saw it, I don't think he's completely sure of all the colours lol.

Top - Look (ebay)
Jeans - Primark
Sandals - Bertie

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Quick and Easy

Looking very tired today after being up in the night with my daughter and then having to clear vomit this morning. A mum's life is so glamourous! Anyway, no solo picture today because putting her down means lots of crying.`

Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Vest - Decathlon
Hat - BHS

Hat - Sainsbury's
Dress - not sure
Baby crocs - Sainsbury's

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Cute and Comfy

Looking after the old man because he is off work feeling poorly today. It's another hot day here so plan to do some stuff in the garden and maybe wander around the garden centre with the youngest if I can get out of the house. This skirt is not the most flattering but it is cool and comfy. It has nice details on the back too. Have changed into my bright pink mock crocs for walking about.

Pink Vest Top - Tesco
Black Vest Top - Primark
Skirt - Primark
Shorts (under skirt to protect medesty!)- Primark
Shoes - Bertie
Bandana - Longacres Garden Centre

Monday, 5 May 2008

Yummy Mummies

I came across this article and it really made my blood boil. Why is it that in order to be considered a good mother you must take no pride in your appearance? I won't lie, there have been many days when I have been so hectic running around after the little ones that I look a total state and have dropped them off without having brushed my hair let alone thought about creating and interesting and attractive outfit to wear. It doesn't mean that on the days I have managed hair, makeup and nice clothes that I have been neglecting my children or having someone else to help with them, it was just a good day. Give mum's a break! It's a hard job with very little reward and could knock the self-confidence out of anyone, so if mum's are managing to look good while doing it then well done to them because I would put money on the fact that they are not anything like the image portrayed by the idiot who wrote this article.

Todays outfit is all about coping with the sudden hot weather. I am not good in heat. I nicked my husband's shirt and it's so comfy.

Shirt - F+F @ Tesco
Belt - TU @ Sainsbury's
Shorts - Tesco
Shoes - Bertie (free off In Style magazine)

Muted Tones

Not a very exciting day today. It's Bank Holiday Monday so my husband is home and we have done thrilling things like a Tesco shop! Off to look at cars in a minute so more wandering around with the kids.

The outfit today is a top I haven't worn since my second son's christening, mainly because it is linen and needs ironing and I loathe ironing. However, having seen the pictures of my outfits looking crumpled and rubbish I decided the time had come....... my husband thought I had come down with something and kept looking at me in that strange has-my-wife-been-abducted-by-aliens way, but the deed is done and my clothes are ironed! So here I am in this top which is actually rather nice thinking I probably should have done this a long time ago. Teamed with the same jeans as yesterday and my lovely brown patchwork boots. Have swapped for my tan handbag which matches well. Feeling very serene and neutral in all the muted tones of these clothes. Perfect for what has turned into a lovely spring day.

Top - TU @ Sainsbury's
Jeans - Next
Boots - Attitude (ebay)
Bag - Tesco

Sunday, 4 May 2008


I went to a wedding reception yesterday evening, and here is the outfit I wore. Have only worn this dress once before when I bought it and that was about 18 months ago in the sales for £7. I had totally forgotten how painful the boning in it is. It looks a slightly odd shape because the boning is a bit warped. I ripped it out when I got home and wish I has done it before, not only does the dress hang better now it is no longer painful to wear.

Dress - New Look
Shoes - New Look

Today's look is very casual. We are going to pick up the children from my parents (it was a blissful childfree night last night) and then off to my sisters for lunch and wii so need lots of flexibility in my clothes for playing because I may be just a little bit competitive!

Top - Primark
Jeans - Next
Boots (knee high) - Tesco

Friday, 2 May 2008

What a Poser!

After yesterdays fun pose I've been looking at good ways to pose for photos, have found some good links so thought I would share.

In the first of these photos I was following the advice on how to look slim in photos and the second I was standing more as I usually would. I am amazed how much difference there is between the two.

Today's outfit is the first black/brown combination I have tried. I am really pleased with the results because it's not something I wuold have usually thought of. Really it was just an excuse to show off my rather awesome boots now that my lovely ebay brown skirt has arrived. Whilst they looked good yesterday under the jeans the full effect of their patchwork wasn't visible, so here they are in their full glory.

Top - Primark
Belt - Scarf from M&S
Skirt - Sisely via ebay
Fishnets - No idea
Boots - Attitude via ebay

New Look

Well as this blog is about updating my look and evolving my style then I thought the blog itself could do with an overhaul. So, no longer 'Dress the SAHM Way' but now 'School Gate Chic'. New name was inspired by this article.

Bargain Boots

This pose is just for my husband who has had hours of fun taking the mick out of my photos. I find it really hard to pose for the pictures and feel stupid doing it which I think comes accross. Got to relax a bit more about it and try some better poses. Am on the hunt for a tripod so I have more variety in background. At the moment I have to use my dining table because it's the right height but it means I have to stand in front of the piano which is quite a busy background to get a good photo of the clothes. I'd love to take them outside too. Apparently I'm a nightmare to buy for though so might start dropping unsubtle hints to my family about Christmas presents!

Anyway, back to the outfit. This outfit was built around the boots (another 99p bargain from ebay). I don't really wear brown so figured I'd go safe and put the brown boots with jeans and a black and white top combo. I am looking forward to wearing them with a knee length skirt brown I may have accidently bid on last night.

Jacket - Primark
White Tshirt - Primark
Jeans - Next
Boots - Attitude via Ebay

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Well, I managed to get a green top to go with
my fab ebay shoes. Looked a bit like a green and black stripey mess though so added the red/brown scarf and red bag. Now slightly worried I look like a Christmas tree! Have realised that if I am going to actually pull off these looks I am really going to have to start actually ironing my clothes. I do feel rather fab in this outfit though. It's a bit different (like me) and the shoes are just truly fabulous! Had another parcel arrive today so will have fun later matching new boots (99p again) to my outfits.

Green Top - Primark
Black Tank Top - Primark
Jeans - Primark (creases.....models own)
Shoes - New Look - from ebay
Scarf and Bag - M&S