Friday, 2 May 2008

What a Poser!

After yesterdays fun pose I've been looking at good ways to pose for photos, have found some good links so thought I would share.

In the first of these photos I was following the advice on how to look slim in photos and the second I was standing more as I usually would. I am amazed how much difference there is between the two.

Today's outfit is the first black/brown combination I have tried. I am really pleased with the results because it's not something I wuold have usually thought of. Really it was just an excuse to show off my rather awesome boots now that my lovely ebay brown skirt has arrived. Whilst they looked good yesterday under the jeans the full effect of their patchwork wasn't visible, so here they are in their full glory.

Top - Primark
Belt - Scarf from M&S
Skirt - Sisely via ebay
Fishnets - No idea
Boots - Attitude via ebay

1 comment:

Ally said...

I'm so wishy washy about brown and black together. I want to try it, but I chicken out. It looks great on you!