Tuesday, 13 May 2008

One of the 80%

Well I had a revelation yesterday. Having spent years complaining about my lack of boobs it appears I was one of the 80% of women wearing completely the wrong size. So after taking lots of advice I headed out to M&S to see what would fit me better. Here is the result:

Before I was wearing a 32B after I am in a 30DD! They are such a better shape and so much more comfortable. So girls - go and get properly fitted! And if you can't get somewhere here are some top tips:-

1. measure under your bust this is your band size - you don't need to add anything.

2. measure around the fullest part, the difference between this and your band size is your cup size.

3. try on loads of different styles and sizes to find something which fits properly.

4. you should only be able to get 1 or 2 fingers under the band. It will feel tight if you have been wearing a larger band size - this is fine the band is where the support comes from.

Red Shorts - M&S
Shirt - New Look
Shoes - Priceless Shoes


Polly said...

Really! Wow! Enjoy your new figure.

Anonymous said...
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