Monday, 5 May 2008

Yummy Mummies

I came across this article and it really made my blood boil. Why is it that in order to be considered a good mother you must take no pride in your appearance? I won't lie, there have been many days when I have been so hectic running around after the little ones that I look a total state and have dropped them off without having brushed my hair let alone thought about creating and interesting and attractive outfit to wear. It doesn't mean that on the days I have managed hair, makeup and nice clothes that I have been neglecting my children or having someone else to help with them, it was just a good day. Give mum's a break! It's a hard job with very little reward and could knock the self-confidence out of anyone, so if mum's are managing to look good while doing it then well done to them because I would put money on the fact that they are not anything like the image portrayed by the idiot who wrote this article.

Todays outfit is all about coping with the sudden hot weather. I am not good in heat. I nicked my husband's shirt and it's so comfy.

Shirt - F+F @ Tesco
Belt - TU @ Sainsbury's
Shorts - Tesco
Shoes - Bertie (free off In Style magazine)

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budget chic said...

That shirt is so hot and I love the belt. Great look. I wish I could wear shorts but my knees are really banged up.