Wednesday, 30 April 2008

All Matching

We are celebrating my youngest's 2nd birthday today. The excuse that I am looking rubbish because I have a new baby is wearing somewhat thin now! Not got much planned but I quite fancy a trip into town with her and a little bit of shopping. I bought some fabulous green heels off ebay for 99p but have absolutely nothing that will go with them. Time for a hunt aroung Primark for some cheap accessories I think.
Today's outfit is all matching, not really realised how well the shirt and shoes match so thought I would team them with black to accentuate the colour (and also because half of my wardrobe is black!). It's pouring with rain again here so tights and flats are definitely needed to jump over all the puddles.

Shirt - Next
Skirt - Primark
Tights - Primark
Shoes - TKMaxx

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

All about the shoes

Boring outfit today but loving the shoes. Bargain buy at only £5. I've realised that now the weather is warming up I really need some more stuff that I can wear in the Spring/Summer. Got loads of jumpers of varying styles but very little else. Shopping trip in order I think!
Top - Primark
Jeans - Next
Shoes - Priceless Shoes

Monday, 28 April 2008

I like short shorts!

Have got rather into shorts in the last couple of weeks, not been a huge fan before but am loving them now. This outfit is what I wore yesterday. The only thing with this pair is being bright red they do limit what will go with them.
Shirt (£16)- New Look
Vest top (£10)- New Look
Shorts (£5)- Marks and Spencer
Shoes (£15)- New Look

This outfit started the shorts thing. Wore it to a hen night. Not sure I'd wear such short shorts for anything other than a night out on the town.
Top (£6)- Primark
Shorts (£6)- Primark
Shoes (£18)- New Look