Friday, 23 January 2009

Picture Perfect

I am just having one of those mornings where I cannot get a good photo. Ah well. It is a great day in the Kirkham household. We have decided to swallow the cost and Alan is now driving himself to the station! Yippee!!!!! I also managed yesterday to get extra long over knee socks which actually are long enough.
Shirt, Belt, Tights, Socks & Shoes - Primark
Tank Top - Tesco
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins (gifted)


Anonymous said...

where's your lacrosse stick? ;-)

My sister bought me a pair of otk socks for christmas - yellow and black horizontal stripes!

They're from Claires - and are plenty long enough - might be worth a try?

don't wear mine out in public - definitely would be mutton in those!

kira said...

love the shoe the match the outfit.

Anonymous said...

Tat - now the yellow and black ones would be much more like my school uniform!!