Thursday, 20 November 2008

Defined by Footwear

I have realised the problem. Heels define me. I feel uncomfortable, unattractive and just not me in my flat boots. They are comfy, they are practical, I need them for walking to and from school, but I don't feel like me in them. How totally shallow am I? Here I have the same outfit, the only difference is the boots, yet I feel like a different and happier woman in the boots.
Jumper - Primark
Skirt - Sisley (ebay)
Socks - nicked from Alan
Flat Boots - Priceless Shoes
Heeled Boots - Blox (ebay)


Anonymous said...

you are right you absolutely need heels,they make you look tall and slender,love the cord skirt and jumper,looking good.

LA Scene said...

Either pair of boots, they look great! Love the shorter skirt.

SHOEGAL said...

Not shallow at all! I feel exactly the same. Some days I like my flats but most times I just feel frumpy in them.

rache said...

You're right, heels suit you much better. Wear what makes you feel good:) Be You:)