Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Damn you flat boots

I got up ridiculously early this morning because I had promised to cook the children porridge for their breakfast. So we had loads of time to walk to school rather than taking the car. I thought I would be sensible and put on my little purple pixie boots because they were flat so better for walking. How wrong was I?! I now have the most gigantic blisters on both my heels. Fortunately my friend kindly took pity on me and drove Pips and I home, however I seem to have volunteered for a job on the PTFA in the process! So from now on I am sticking to heels for the comfort value!
Top & Jeans - Primark
Belt - Gifted
Boots - Giselle (ebay)
I made an accidental discovery this morning that my camera takes black and white, I have no idea how I did it lol

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SHOEGAL said...

I have that trouble with flat boots sometimes too. I think the trick is to wear 2 pairs of socks inside them to protect your feet.

I am inspired to buy grey boots each time I see your fab ones. Not found any suitable ones yet though.