Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday 26/1/10

I'm actually really happy with this outfit. I have found this skirt really difficult to incorporate into outfits but think it is quite successful like this.

Top - Primark
Shirt - Zara (ebay)
Belt - TU @ Sainsbury's
Skirt - New Look
Boots - Swished


Corinna said...

Skirt looks great with those boots Kate! :-D

Jane said...

OMG, I LOVE this outfit. Very lovely on you, it reminds me of that movie 'Out of Africa' with Meryl Streep. I think she wore long sweeping skirts like that. So pretty! Love the boots also, that design on the leather is very cool. :)

Spiragirl said...

Thanks! I feel fab in this.

Candycane said...

V cute - I always find it hard to team long skirts with shoes/boots!

CC xXx

Sundancer said...

Looks great, it all makes you look very tall and slim and gorgeous!

Spiragirl said...

Candycane - I have struggled with this so much and tend to just end up with my long skirts languishing on my clothes rail unworn.

Sundancer - Thanks, I like that illusion lol