Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday 10/1/10

I am sticking two fingers up to the snow and wearing a dress. I can't be the only one who struggles with jumper dresses sticking to tights though - how do I stop it happening?

Dress - Peacocks
Cardigan, Vest, Tights - Primark
Boots - Priceless Shoes
Necklace - Esme-Grace


Jane said...

Super cute look, love the tights. I have a weakness for argyle pattern! :)

Try this:
Rub a dryer fabric softener sheet on you tights in the areas where your dress sticks.


Put a bit of lotion on your hands and rub it onto the tights where your dress sticks.

Both of these methods deactivates the static that makes the dress cling to your tights.

Corinna said...

Um, wear a petticoat! lol

SHOEGAL said...

You need a non-static underskirt. I have a fab one from Ethel Austin. Try M&S or anywhere that sells undies.

I think hairspray on your tights might work too but I've never tried it!

Love this look in the snow, I'm getting bored with jeans & flat boots now too. Will be wearing a dress tomorrow if I can get to work.

Spiragirl said...

I might have to consider the pitticoat/underskirt option but the image of my German teacher and her ever visible petticoats just keeps flashing scarily in front of my eyes. Lotion and hairspray I will definitely be trying out first.

Shopaholic said...

I have that problem too, so these tips are great. I'm always on the look out for a slip/petticoat, yet to find one though...
Love your outfit. I've said the same, I can't be without dresses and high heels even in the snow.

Astroman said...

Anti-static spray.

Believe it or not, my pants would always stick to my legs in the cold (hair and static seem to go together). A spray on the inside of the pant legs and the static was gone.

I know, just what you needed. Fashion advice from a guy. But, it does work.

Spiragirl said...

I havebeen experimenting and can now say that hairspray doesn't work but a bit of body lotion does the trick nicely.

Astroman - apparently anti-static spray can be made with just fab conditioner and water. Going to give it a whirl.

Candycane said...

V cute outfit post!

I know what you mean about the sticking - either that or static and you get electric shocks all the time :P GRRRRR