Thursday, 21 January 2010

Public Humiliation Time

As inspired by Kasmira's look around her closet, I have made a short video post about the current way I store all my clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

Yes, it's true, I am possibly the messiest person in the world. Sometimes public humiliation is the only way I can actually motivate myself to do anything about it!! Watch this space for an updated video once I have come up with a new system.


Anonymous said...

Being one of those troublesome Americans from the Colonies, I was amazed to actually hear your cute British voice! Love the accent!!

Spiragirl said...

It's not what I sound like in my head at all!

Jane said...

As an American (I am from the north, a Yank!) I too love your accent. You have such a lovely voice! My husband is from the south, Virginia, and it is funny, as his family all tell me they love my 'accent'. I say, "What accent??" "Oh, you sound like a Yank" they say. It cracks me up, as they all have they a southern accent, and I say the same to them about their accent! LOL!

Meanwhile, OMGoodness, I am a total neat freak (like Monica on 'Friends') and I would LOVE to come and straighten and organize your closet/clothing storage! I totally would come over and do it if only I lived in England. ;)

Spiragirl said...

Jane - I have a weird accent mainly home counties with a bit of west country thrown in for good measure.

As for the room - it is now sorted!! It took me 4 hours but I'm really pleased. Now I've just got to do the rest of the house which is just as messy.