Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday 18/1/10

Back to cycling the school run in stilettos today and it felt great to be back in the fresh air, even i I am no where near as fit as I was before Christmas.

I had the idea for this outfit while lying in bed this morning trying to persuade my body to get up and failing. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, just a shame my hair has gone mental!! The builders are back building the house directly behind us so no outdoor pics for a while, it's bad enough feeling watched without standing in the garden taking photos of myself like a weirdo.

Dress & Tights - Primark
Top - asda
Shoes - Matalan


Shopaholic said...

did you say you cycled in those shoes??? WHAT??
How cool!
Great outfit, I love it.

Spiragirl said...

Thanks, I always cycle in my heels, it's not particularly far (about 3 mile round trip) and my Dad always told me I ought to use my toes on the pedals rather than the middle of my foot - with these on I have no choice!