Sunday, 10 January 2010

Colour Coding

I have a good friend who should totally be a style consultant. She is absolutely brilliant! We have had discussions about the seasonal colour systems over and again, I've always thought they were a bit rubbish if I'm totally honest and felt like I should just wear whatever I like without it having to fit in with a specific list of acceptable colours. My friend on the other hand is a firm believer in it and I have to admit she always looks fabulously turned out and I've never seen her in a colour which doesn't work really well for her. So anyway, she told me she reckoned I was a winter and sent me a link to Kettlewell where there is a quiz which will tell you which season you are. I couldn't be more Winter if I tried! I also love the colours it gives for me and these are many of the colours I tend to go for anyway. I can't imagine I would ever not wear something I loved just because it wasn't one of my colours but it has certainly opened my eyes to what works especially well for me.

Thanks Corinna, you are awesome!


Anonymous said...

Grab yourself a copy of "colour me confident" - excellent book, and I take mine with me to provide colour charts on the go!

I was a colour me beautiful "winter", but they've re-done their system, and I'm now a "Deep and Cool" with "clear" undertones!

It also gives advice on how to wear the colours, advice on hair cuts, glasses, jewellery etc for different face shapes. How do dress for your body shape, how to pull together a wardrobe based on your style etc!

But you know I love colour analysis!

Corinna said...

Oh thanks Kate, you're making me blush!

Have to say for colour analysis I would always go for House of Colour rather than Colour Me Beautiful as its a more personalised system and more accurate I have found (they are the company that worked with Kettlewell), but for style advice, Colour Me Beautiful every time. They are much more geared to stay at home / non office based women. HoC is much more your corporate image ideas.