Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Wednesday 23/9/09

It's blustery and a bit rainy today, definitely more Autumnal every day. One quick piece of advice to anyone thinking of cycling in very tight jeans - don't do it!!!! It's like trying to cycle with the worlds tightest tubigrips on your thighs, my poor muscles. Having a good day today though, don't you love it when you have someone in your life who just totally gets you, no pretences, accepts you for who you are, nutter tendancies and all. Thank you! You know who you are.
Shirt - Primark
Top - New Look
Jeans - Matalan
Belt - gifted
Boots - Priceless


Calin Bleu said...

I love the boots!

SHOEGAL said...

Looking good today! Must try my boots over jeans.