Monday, 21 September 2009

More on Bras

I could go on for quite some time about this issues but I won't bore you for too much longer. Check out Corinna's comment on my post below for more great advice and I have found some great links for even more information on bra fitting:

I also have to have a little moan about the availability of small band size bras. I need a 28 and I'm not alone in this, however I am not an 11 year old girl and want women's underwear not teenage first bras! I also need something more than an AA cup, so please someone tell me where I can get nice, adult bras at reasonable prices in a 28D. Here endeth my rant.


SHOEGAL said...

Have you tried Bravissimo or somewhere else that specialises in larger cup sizes?

And thanks for the links, saves me googling for further advice on measuring!

Itsy Bitsy Chick said...

Hi! I can appreciate your sentiments as well. check out We've got a few with a 28band..(and they are suited for adults.) Cheers!

Twins plus Two said...

Same gripe, different reason! I AM an AA, or an AAA even but want something other than a teen/pre-teen crop top!