Thursday, 17 September 2009

Black and Bright

I actually had to put the heating on yesterday it's gotten so cold. Normally I'm more of the extra jumper and leave it off as long as possible type of person but I was absolutely freezing!
Jumper & Skirt - Matalan
Tights & Shoes - Primark


SHOEGAL said...

Diamond tights! I forgot I have some of those, must dig them out. Wonder what they'd be like layered over a colour when it gets cold?

Boutique Girl said...

Great look today!

Rachel said...

It is getting cold, I'm treating myself to lots of new tights this season, chear me up through the dull winter months:)

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of layering them - will definitely give that a go later in the year.

Rachel - I have a big haul every Autumn and it certainly cheers me up too. Totally changes the look of outfits for not very much money too.