Friday, 29 February 2008

"It's too long, Mummy!"

Well this outfit was not a hit with the kids, my middle one got really cross with being unable to hang on my legs in his usual fashion (can't say it was a negative for me!). He said it was too long and he didn't like it. I love this skirt because it actually is long enough for me. I'm not particularly tall but dop have long legs and find lots of long skirts stop at a really unflattering point of my ankles. So this one is fab. I changed the shoes for my flat boots later on and wore a denim jacket over the top. Would have worn DMs with it if I had any but still haven't got round to replacing the pair that wore through (after 8 years solid wear) 8 years ago. Got my eye on a pair of cherry reds or purple next.

Top, Skirt and Shoes - Primark

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