Saturday, 26 July 2008

Summery and Ladylike

I feel all ladylike in this outfit which is very unusual for me! It's hot and humid here again and this dress is very light and comfortable. I thought I'd try tan accessories and think it works really well.

Hat - BHS (£5?)
Bag - Tesco (£5)
Belt - TU (£5)
Dress - Primark (£5)
Shoes - Calzino (£13)

Total cost of outfit approx £33


Jane said...

Your 4-year-old is doing well on the photograpjy front. I love this outfit, the best this week. The length and the style suits you so well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It wasn't my 4 year old today, but my 30 year old photographer is glad the pics came out ok!