Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Sorry no picture today, the camera battery is playing up and I can't find the spare.

I have managed to convince Alan that I can get a magazine subscription - quite an achievement given his tight grip on the purse strings. So, what fashion magazine would you recommend?


Leslie said...

No question-- In Style! Or Lucky! One of those 2.

Corinna said...

Fashion magazines - wouldn't have a clue! You only have to look at me to know that!! :o))

I'm a Country Living girl - no fashion for me!! :o))))

workthatwardrobe said...

I have just started to subscribe to InStyle. It's much cheaper to subscribe over a year and usually you get great free gift offer. Have a look in this month's magazine for the offers. I think you get the first six issues for £6.
Happy reading!

Boutique Girl said...

I would stay away from Marie Claire, Elle, vougue etc! The prices are no way realistic - they feature couture and styles that are only stocked in Selfidges etc!!
Glamour is great and I think they do it for £1 an issue when you subscibe, Company is a good one too!

SHOEGAL said...

I have Company & Cosmo on subscription & they are quite good cos much of the fashion in them is high street. I love Lucky but I don't think you can subscribe to it over here, I just buy it in Borders.
Elle & Vogue have all the designer fashions in them but I find the looks are too 'out there' for me, not to mention too expensive!
Glamour is a good one and I often end up buying that too.

PS. the captcha code I've just had to put in was wiyfe - quite apt for a SAHM blog!