Monday, 21 July 2008

Barefoot but definitely not pregnant!

We have rearranged our living and dining rooms and now I am trying to find a new place to take photos. Been to a breastfeeding picnic to raise awareness for the need for legislation to protect the rights of breastfeeding mothers and children today so running round a field barefoot playing with the younger two. For more information check out Protect My Baby, Protect Me . Then house stuff after so been barefoot most of the day.

It's the first day of the Summer holidays for my middle son, and already I've had enough!!! Son number 1 finishes on Wednesday so hopefully things will improve because we can spend all day out and about doing things. We are going to do a blog of our summer so I will let you know the web address once it's all set up and going incase any of you wonder what goes on chez Kirkham.

Dress - Primark (£10)

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Jane said...

Summer holidays the words sound so good together but in reality.......
I have told my children I will not give them a penny all holiday. If they want to do something they must earn it first.
Today I got my back garden weeded and the car valeted!