Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thursday 4/2/10

Busy day today, helping in school this morning, mad tudying up session, friends for lunch and a play, off to pick up boys in a second.

Pink Top, Cardi, Skirt - Primark
Shirt - Next (ebay)
Boots - Priceless
Tights - can't remember
Necklace/earrings - Esme-Grace


Tat said...

OK, yesterday you asked for feedback, so here goes.... (again, just tell me to shut up if you've had enough!) (and I've only voted indifferent, not bad - don't you wish those "bad" voters would let you know what was wrong?)

I think you're maybe a bit "over layered" today? How would the waistcoat have looked over the pink top without the blouse?

Spiragirl said...

Yes I really do. If I look awful I'd really rather know what people think I'm doing wrong. I'm not necessarily going to change it but I am interested in pointers which I can take or leave depending on how I feel. Fashion is always going to be subjective so I don't expect to agree all the time.

As it happens, I agree with this too, I was just cold lol

Anonymous said...

I think black tights might have gone better, maybe a bit too much going on at once.