Sunday, 7 February 2010

Saturday Night 6/2/10

We were all at a school friend's 30th birthday party yesterday. Was totally fab and I managed to grab some pics while I was at my Mum and Dad's. I've worn this before but still love it.

Dress - ebay
Vest & Cardi - Primark
Tights - asda
Shoes - River Island (charity shop)


Tat said...

I love this outfit on you :-)

Personally, I'd have worn black shoes with the black tights, as I think these draw the eye away from the dress and straight down to your feet,which is not where you want the attention to be (not that there's anything wrong with your feet lol!)

These shoes will look fab with the dress in the summer, with bare legs :-)

Spiragirl said...

Thanks! I like it too. I always wear these shoes with this dress because I bought them to go together. It never even occurred to me to wear black ones lol