Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday 5/2/10

Firstly, I am not a scummy mummy who can't be arsed to get her daughter dressed, it was pyjama day at nursery so she had to wear her jimjams!!

In a moment of rare organisation I planned this outfit last night. Really pleased with how it turned out.

Cardi - Tesco
Blouse - TKMaxx
Trousers (Next (swished)
Boots - ebay
Belt - Primark
Scarf - M&S


Tat said...

Great outfit today :D I like the bold red of the cardi, with the paler colours.

Boutique Girl said...

This is a great look on you! The little one makes me smile - she is such a poser!

happyjadsgirl said...

is it really bad I wouldnt have presumed they were pj's? lol

Spiragirl said...

Tat - I have been taking advice from these colour experts on putting strong colours by my face with neutral outfits.

Boutique Girl - Thanks. She is a total poser!

Happyjadsgirl - lol several times I have found my Mum has dressed Pip in PJs for the day without realising!

Sundancer said...

Oh I had to laugh at your DD today! She is the image of you, and has obviously been keeping a close eye on your poses!