Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Fitflops Review

The people at fitness footwear offered me a pair of fitflops to try out and review for you. I chose the Oasis Natural because I wanted something I could wear with lots of different outfits which didn't look too much like a fitness shoe. I really like the look of them and would wear them with any uotfit I would usually wear fashion flip flops or trainers. They claim to increase the workout for your legs and bum when doing normal walking. As I am training for my sponsored 20 mile walk (sponsor me here!) I decided to really put them through their paces and wear them for a whole day, including one of my training walks.

They were comfortable the first time I put them on and I was pleased that the toe post didn't seem to rub or feel uncomfortable which is a problem I have had with flip flops in general. The sizing was about right. We started with the visit to the county show which involved lots of walking across fields. I wason my feet for about 2 hours and they were very comfortable and supportive.

In the evening I went for a 6.8 mile walk around the area. The fitflops were really comfortable and supportive but I did find that one one foot there was a littl bit of rubbing where the toe post met the top of the shoe. I was very impressed and am sure that once they have been worn a bit more the rubbing will stop. Overall I was very pleased with the comfort, supportiveness, style and quality. I am not sure, however, how much difference they have made to the amount of work my legs and bum are doing. I didn't feel anything different but as I am quite fit and used to walking long distances it may be that my muscles are used to working relatively hard anyway so it made less of a change.

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