Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Posh Girl

Feeling a bit posh girl going to ride her horse today. Which is a bit odd really given that I'm not all that posh and I am terrified of horses, but there you go.

Shirt - New Look (£18)
Waistcoat - Beauty Angel (ebay)(99p)
Jeans - Primark (£8)
Belt - nicked from Alan
Boots - Tesco (£20)


Kelly said...

cute! I don't usually like vests but I think it really suits this look. I'm still trying to perfect tucking my jeans into my boots. My jeans always just end up bunching all up the leg. Arg!

Kelly said...

uhhh and by "vest" I mean "waistcoat" - silly English, being different on both sides of the pond.