Saturday, 16 August 2008

Just the one

Ok I've worn this outfit before but without the tights and boots but I love it, so why not. My wonderful parents have taken our boys to Legoland for the day so we are reliving the peace and quiet that is life with only the one small child. Went to look at a house this morning, then shopping (I was good and didn't actually buy anything) and Pizza Hut for lunch. Such a lovely way to spend a Saturday. I am now a football widow though as Spurs have their first match of the season today.

Top - Primark (£4)
Skirt - R.I. Clothing (25p)
Tights - Primark (£1)
Boots - Attitude (99p)

Total cost of outfit = £6.24

While we were out we found a stockist of Irregular Choice and I am now totally lusting after these shoes:

And these in priceless shoes which are somewhat more in my price range:

Sadly Alan had his sensible hat on so no new shoes for me!


SHOEGAL said...

I love those IC tape measure shoes. They don't go up to my size unfortunately, and they are pretty expensive.

Anonymous said...

I'd be too scared to wear them incase I damaged them. Think I'll stick to cheap and cheerful until the children are older.