Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Green Shoes

I am still really not sure about these shoes. I need some suggestions as to what they might go with, or is it time to pop them back on ebay and accept that they were never meant for me? I must add here that they really hurt my feet so I am not totally in love with them although I think they are just so cute I'm finding it hard to part with them. Here are the ways I've worn them:


SHOEGAL said...

I had those shoes and they pinched my feet too. My pair went back on eBay. Shame as they are very cute.

Anonymous said...

I like them best with the jeans - I would wear them with blue or black jeans (skinny or bootleg), and white top (I don't "do" green lol).

I would also wear them to work with smart black trousers :-)

Actually, what size are they? perhaps I'll take them off your hands lol ;-)

Anonymous said...

They are a 7, any good to you?

Boutique Girl said...

I would be putting them on ebay! If you are struggling with what to pair them with and they hurt, you are better selling and replacing!