Friday, 6 June 2008

Feeling a bit 50s

Got a bit of a 50s thing going on at the moment. Totally loving hourglass figures, cinched in waists and, I won't lie, am lusting after another tightlacing corset because mine is a little too big. Not that I have anywhere to wear it anyway and if I start turning up at the school gates in a corset I think I may have gone too far!!!

Shirt (£1) - Zara (ebay)
Belt (£5) - TU @ Sainsbury's
Crops (£6) - Primark
Shoes (£1) - New Look (ebay)


SHOEGAL said...

You look fab! I had those shoes but I just sold them on eBay - loved them but they were too small for me and I couldn't walk in them.

Anonymous said...

They are probably my favourite shoes at the moment. Getting more comfy now, they were quite tight when I got them.

Corinna said...

You look so great in that outfit Kate - but how the hell do you walk to school in those heels????

I'm feeling very fat & frumpy at the moment and am therefore very green reading your blog. In theory I have an hourglass figure (according to Trinny & Susannah) but when I try cinching in my waist I just look like I should be behind a bar!!!! :o))

Anonymous said...

How do I walk to school?? - painfully!! and I only wear heels on days I drive most of the way

I am definitely pear-shaped rather than houglass and think the cinched in waist works because I don't have much up top. Gives me curves I don't actually have!

Leslie said...

Love this look--I love playing with dressing like I'm back in the 50' need a little neck scarf and you could totally be on Grease :-) Those green heels are very fun too. I'm getting ready to buy a new bright color pair of heels and I'm debating on what bright color I want!

Anonymous said...