Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dedicated to the Blog

Not entirely convinced by today's ensemble. I wouldn't usually wear trousers without heels but my foot, although much better, is still too painful for anything other than flipflops. It's too cold for a skirt which would go with the shoes better and tights just don't work with a toe post lol! It did occur to me though that I am clearly very dedicated to this blogging because I looked rough yesterday and not much better today but still posting!!!!
My daughter is making an appearance today - everytime she saw me set up the camera she came running to pose with me. She manages to look gorgeous everday without fail (although maybe I am a little biased!)
Pink Vest - Tesco
Black Vest - New Look
Trousers - Louis Charles (TK Maxx)
Flipflops - Bertie


Ally said...

Of all your accessories, she's my favorite! :)

Leslie said...

I love wearing pink, black and grey together!

SHOEGAL said...

Hope your foot feels better today. She's a little cutie your daughter!