Sunday, 7 June 2009


My Mum took a photo for me just as we were about to leave for a wedding yesterday. It was a fantastic wedding and I haven't danced so much in ages. Three solid hours!!!! I won't lie........the shoes did not last the night and I kicked them off in favour of bare foot for the dance floor.

I managed to pick up the bag and shoes in a charity shop in town in the morning before we left.

Dress - borrowed off my little sister (thanks Al!)
Cardi - Primark
Shoes - Barratts (thrifted)
Bag - New Look (thrifted)


Candycane said...

Well done on picking up the bag and shoes :D

You look lovely! :)

My Shenanigans said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks :-)

Calin Bleu said...

Lovely! I love charity shop finds

Sher said...

Adding that little cardigan was a perfect idea. You look beautiful!