Friday, 10 October 2008

New Things

Well I popped over to my friends house for an impromptu chicken pox party as her children have it and I am trying to get Pips infected. Anyway she has had a massive clear out and I came away with three fabulous bags, 2 skirts, a poncho, and a gillet. No doubt all will make their debut appearances in the blog over the next week or so. I have some awesome friends :-D


Jonathan said...

I am a writer at Stanford University in California and am doing a story about parents who have concerns about vaccines. Google sends me an alert whenever there's a mention of the phrase "Chicken pox party," so I was directed to your blog. Would it be possible to speak with you and your friend about the decision to immunize your kids through exposure? Feel free to email me at, and, if you are interested, we could figure out whether it makes sense to chat on the phone. Because I am in the states, I unfortunately can't do the interview in person.
Thanks for your consideration,
Jonathan Rabinovitz

Anonymous said...

Jonny, you must not be too bright! If you would look closer you would see this bright blogger is very blessed to live in the UK where they as of yet are not pushing the pox vaccine on the kiddies. Thanks to the US pushing the pox vaccine school nurses such as myself are having to deal with kids getting shingles soon after the vaccine.