Sunday, 19 October 2008

Ice Queen

I am trying a new look for me today - I rather embrace the dark colours so I am trying something a bit lighter today. I would love some opaque white tights to go with this but have had to stick with tan even thought they do not have the bruise coverage I need!!! I've also gone without flattening out the natural volume (read I have the world's thickest hair) of my hair. If only I had been born in the seventies and got to really make the most of the fashion for big hair in the 80s. Anyway, I have the afternoon off to go and hunt out a bigger better Primark I have been told about and do a bit of window shopping to get some ideas for a party I am going to in a few weeks.
Jumper & Skirt - Primark
Boots - Giselle (ebay)


SHOEGAL said...

Love the boots!

rache said...

I can imagine white tights would look fab! You gotta get some. Have you tried Wolford? They do cost though :(( The lady at Wolford told me they're designed to last for 2 years:)