Monday, 29 September 2008


It's a bit chilly this morning but warming up so I'll brave the bare legs. I found my old disorganised mum t-shirt too - I used to run a parenting community website and had this T-shirt printed up for advertising purposes.

Long sleeved top - Primark
T-shirt - my design
Skirt - Primark
Boots - Tesco


Sundancer said...

Lovely, but cold! - and I'm wondering if I knew you were the original disorganised mum or not, I think I didn't lol.

Are those the same boots you wear over jeans too?

Anonymous said...

"You will catch your death girl" Very nice all the same,love the boots,by the way i am sure i can see a couple of brass monkey,s stood behind you!!

SHOEGAL said...

Looks great but you're brave baring you legs!

Anonymous said...

It really wasn't that cold today, I was sat in my friend's garden drinking coffee in beautiful sunshine this morning. Think it was probably the last bare legs day of the year though.