Thursday, 2 September 2010

Thursday 2/9/10

Boys are back to school today and went off very happily. Will be glad to get them back this afternoon and hear all about how it went. So it's back to just me and The Pipster, who looks like she has grown a lot in these pics!

Shirt - New Look
Waistcoat - Beauty Angel (ebay)
Skirt - New Look (ebay)
Boots - Kit (ebay)


Anonymous said...

Looking good Kate - very grown up too with a sensible length skirt ;-)

Hair is still look fab - are you going to keep it short?

Spiragirl said...

Thanks! Yes, definitely keeping it short at least for the time being. I just love it!

Trying to move away from the mini minis unless worn over leggings (still age appropriate I think).

Sundancer said...

Ugh, I'm feeling the age thing too - how did we come to this?! I don't even know if it's because I'm 30 or because I'm a mum.

I'm still wearing my mini kilt to Muse though ;-) (over leggings!)

Spiragirl said...

I definitely think it's being 30. We've both been mums for a long time and had no problem with short skirts.

Minis over leggings is absolutely fine in my opinion.