Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thursday 22/4/10

I love new things!! Finally spent all of my birthday vouchers, managed to get one pic outside before the builders returned so please excuse the recycling all over my kitchen! Changed from the heels to my cowboy boots too.

Shirt - M&S
Skirt - Next
Boot - New Look

Shirt -


Anonymous said...

Love the look. I so wish I could wear short skirts. I used to be able to in another life. You look great.

CJ xx

Corinna Mazzotta said...

Mmm, thinking the skirt might be a little short Kate - I thought you were going for longer these days? LOL

Spiragirl said...

Thanks CJ.

Corinna - I just thought sod it! Once I manage to walk off the Easter lbs it'll look fine. I think the winter was doing odd things to me making me think mini skirts weren't a good idea lol They are always a good idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Kate, you know I love you, but I'm afraid I'm with Corinna on this one :-$

Personnally (and remember I'm an old fuddy duddy!) that length is fine with thick tights or footless tights/legging, but with the very white legs, nah, I'm sorry :-$ it's a look best left to those awful leggy teenagers ;-)

Still friends? ;-)

Anonymous said...

With Corinna M and Tat.

Spiragirl said...

You'll be pleased to hear the with leggings look is working very well today!

Tat - I'm not that easy to offend!

Anonymous said...

phew, pleased to hear it ;-) (that you're not hating me, not that you've got leggings on lol!)