Sunday, 27 December 2009


This is the Christmas haul - 3 pairs of shoes, one pair of boots, 5 jumper dresses and a pair of jeans (and another skirt not photographed!

Just a quick preview of things to come in Jan.


Candycane said...

Your back :D

SHOEGAL said...

I'm so pleased you're blogging again! Love the grey dress and the purple booties best I think.

Anonymous said...

Great haul :-D Love the dresses - I think the slightly longer lengths than you've worn in the past are very sophisticated :-)

I agree with Fi, grey dress is fab :-)

Spiragirl said...

Candycane - yep, I just couldn't stay away!

Fi - I have worn them together now, worked really well.

Tat - I'm trying to move slightly away from the more slutty look although I'm sure it won't last long lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, I never said "slutty" lol - just "more sophisticated" ;-)