Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday 20/11/09

Thanks for the opinions - all ready to go out now!

Dress - New Look
Tights - ASDA
Shoes - Mono Due
Jacket - Primark
Bag - Can't remember
Bracelet - Esme-Grace
Earrings - Primark


Anonymous said...

Very sexy, and far more classy with the tights :-)

Astroman said...


Nothing else needs to be said!

Jane said...

So much better with tights, as it seems just perfect for the Autumn weather.....the whole look is super cute! Have fun tonight! : )

Simon said...

better with the tights, very sexy !

Anonymous said...

Looking hot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Had a fabulous night out :-)

Rachel said...

You look great from all angles:)