Monday, 16 March 2009

Spring has Sprung

Pips is as much of a poser as her mother!

Making the most of the lovely weather today. Alan is off all week so we have lots of house sorting stuff planned. Little Miss is off to preschool again this afternoon and hopefully I will make more of the time now I don't have to worry about her being ok.

Shirt & Crops - Primark
Belt - gifted
Sandals - Priceless Shoes


SHOEGAL said...

I love how Pippa tries to copy your poses! She's so cute.
You look great today - I don't think it's quite warm enough for crop jeans up here just yet.

Sal said...

Look at you two doing your fashion poses!

Jess said...

So cute!!! And I love your classic outfit today. Yeah, not warm enough here either :)